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The Unparalleled Delights of Raw Milk Cheese: A Journey into its Craftsmanship

The Unparalleled Delights of Raw Milk Cheese: A Journey into its Craftsmanship

Unraveling the Mystique: What is Raw Milk Cheese?


Raw milk cheese - a gastronomic delight, a timeless classic, and a topic of much culinary discussion. Renowned globally for its authentic and rich flavors, it is a type of cheese made from non-pasteurized milk. The milk, untreated by heat, retains all its native bacteria, enzymes, and microflora. This profoundly impacts the final product, infusing the cheese with unparalleled complexity and depth of flavor.


  graph LR
   A[Historical Roots] --> B[Raw Milk Cheese in Europe]
   B --> C[France - Camembert]
   B --> D[Spain - Manchego]

A Peek into the History of Raw Milk Cheese


The art of raw milk cheese-making can be traced back centuries to a time before pasteurization. In Europe, the legacy of producing raw milk cheese has been preserved and passed down through generations. Some of the most sought-after cheeses, like Camembert from France and Manchego from Spain, owe their exquisite taste to raw milk.


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     A[Raw Milk Sourcing] --> B[Curdling Process]
     B --> C[Molding & Salting]
     C --> D[Aging]


Understanding the Art of Raw Milk Cheese Making


Raw milk cheese-making is a testament to the art of patience and precision. It begins with sourcing high-quality raw milk, usually from cows, sheep, or goats. Unlike the pasteurized counterparts, raw milk cheese retains the unique characteristics of the milk, creating distinct regional and seasonal variations.

Next, the curdling process, facilitated by the addition of rennet and starter cultures, coagulates the milk proteins into curds. These curds, when separated from the liquid whey, become the basis of our cheese. The cheese is then molded, salted, and aged under specific conditions. The aging process can last from a few weeks to several years, depending on the type of cheese.


 traditional camembert

      Image: Traditional Camembert de Normandy 



Decoding the Flavor Profiles of Raw Milk Cheese


Raw milk cheese boasts a spectrum of flavors, inherently rich and diverse. The presence of naturally occurring bacteria in the milk contributes to this complexity. Cheese made from raw cow's milk often has a creamy, buttery taste. In contrast, goat and sheep milk cheeses can be tangy, piquant, or even earthy in flavor.


The Health Benefits of Raw Milk Cheese


In addition to being a gourmet delight, raw milk cheese offers a host of health benefits. It is packed with vital nutrients, including calcium, protein, and essential vitamins. Furthermore, as it contains probiotics, it supports a healthy gut microbiome. It's worth noting that people with lactose intolerance often find raw milk cheese easier to digest.



Addressing Safety Concerns: Is Raw Milk Cheese Safe?


Safety is an often-discussed topic when it comes to raw milk cheese. With stringent quality controls in place, the risk associated with raw milk cheese is minimal. The European Food Safety Authority affirms that raw milk cheese, when produced following strict hygienic practices, poses little to no health risk.



A Guide to Savouring Raw Milk Cheese


To fully appreciate the charm of raw milk cheese, pair it with a suitable wine and some fresh, crusty bread. The combination of complex cheese flavours with the crispness of a good wine offers an unforgettable culinary experience.



Raw Milk Cheese: A Testament to Culinary Heritage


Raw milk cheese is much more than a food product - it's a celebration of culinary heritage, a story of tradition and artistry preserved through generations. The rich tapestry of flavours it brings forth, each nuanced and unique, offers an unrivaled gastronomic experience.

To savour raw milk cheese is to savour a slice of history, an essence of place, and a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of cheese-making. Experience this journey, one bite at a time

Welsh Raw milk cheeses at O&O


Hafod Cheddar;


Hafod unpasteurised cheddar


Hafod is a delicious traditional style clothbound cheddar from Lampeter, Wales. Hand made by the Holden Family on Wales' longest certified Organic Farm. A sharp but not overwhelming cheddar, raw milk combined with ageing in cloth gives this cheese a beautifully complex flavour. 


Buy Hafod here.





Made on a micro-dairy near Aberystwyth with raw organic milk from a local farm, Abaty is a soft mould ripened cheese with many similarities to a french brie. After just a few years of production it has already been featured on the menus of multiple Michelin star restaurants, including at Beach House in the Gower!


Buy Abaty here.


Celtic Promise;


raw welsh cheese


Pungent and delicious, Celtic Promise is made by Caws Teifi near Cardigan. Made with a Caerphilly style base, this cheese is transformed through washing its rind, into a deep and complex cheese, with a buttery sometimes crumbly texture. 

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