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Maxim's de Paris

Maxim's, a famous Parisian restaurant, was founded in 1893 by Maxime Gaillard at 3 Rue Royale. In 1899, it underwent a significant transformation in preparation for the 1900 Paris Exposition, featuring distinctive stained-glass ceilings and nymph-themed murals. It became a renowned establishment during the belle époque, known as a place for social gatherings and romance.

Under the ownership of Eugene Cornuché, Maxim's continued to flourish, with Art Nouveau decor, a piano, and a reputation for always having beautiful women as guests. It was so famous that it was featured in the operetta "The Merry Widow" by Franz Lehár.

The clientele at Maxim's was famously extravagant, with guests known for their lavish attire. In 1932, Octave Vaudable, owner of another restaurant, bought Maxim's and began a new era of prestigious dining, favoring famous and wealthy regulars. Notable guests in the 1930s included Edward VIII, Josephine Baker, and Jean Cocteau. The restaurant's allure even inspired the playwright Georges Feydeau to create the comedy "La Dame de chez Maxim" ("The Lady from Maxim's").

Today, Maxim's remains an iconic Parisian establishment with a rich cultural history, and its delicious delicatessen products are now available in Wales.