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Lunaio Organic Garlic oil.250ML

Handpicked garlic cloves, freshly crushed to release their aromatic essence, are delicately immersed in the finest extra virgin olive oil. This allows a symphony of flavors to melt together, creating a harmony between the pungent allure of garlic and the rich undertones of the oil. Once their dance is complete, the garlic is gently extracted, leaving behind an infusion of unparalleled taste.

Derived from an organic stone milling process, this oil celebrates the current harvest's bounty. The richness of fresh organic garlic, when paired with this pristine olive oil, becomes a culinary masterpiece. Crafted with dedication and care by a generations-old family mill nestled in the heart of Puglia, this product pays homage to age-old traditions. Not just an ingredient, but a testament to the art of authentic Italian cuisine, it stands as an indispensable staple in any gourmet kitchen. With every drizzle, it promises to infuse your dishes with authentic, time-honored flavors, transporting your culinary senses straight to the rustic landscapes of southern Italy.