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Alex James' Blue Monday 180g

A soft, ivory white cheese with purple blue streaks and made in the Yorkshire. The cheese is softer and creamier than many blues and has a thin, sticky, grey-white rind. The interior is ivory in colour with purple-blue streaks, and the flavour is steely yet faintly sweet with hints of dark chocolate and spices on the finish. At ten weeks of maturity it is ready for consumption; at 14 weeks, it starts to mellow and become creamier and at 16 weeks, it is rich and spicy with a density and depth of flavour that is perfect for cheese lovers. Blue Monday is one of the series of characterful cheeses created by Alex James - farmer, writer and ex-Blur bassist together The aim was to work with local artisans to create, where possible, fair, ethical and eco-friendly products.We like to serve this with Bath Oliver Buscuits.