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Pork Rillete with Bayonne Ham 140g

Pork rillettes delicately seasoned with Espelette pepper and Bayonne ham, dedicated to the Basque region.

Recipe :

The pieces of pork are slowly cooked in a broth rich in vegetables: onions, carrots, leeks, celery, garlic and also herbs: bay leaf, thyme, cloves, pepper, nutmeg and Guérande salt. Enhanced by Espelette pepper and Bayonne ham.


Espelette pepper:

Espelette pepper is an agricultural product. It is a pepper grown in the Basque Country in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department. It takes its appellation of origin from the commune of Espelette. On the Scoville scale, Espelette pepper has a value of 4 and is no stronger than pepper.

It has been used for five centuries in place of black pepper in all Basque cuisine. It is therefore used to spice up dishes such as pike dumplings, roast doe, piperade, veal stew (axoa), basquaise chicken, ham, pâtés, etc.


Tasting tips:

Ideal for your aperitifs with family or friends on toast. Place the jar in the refrigerator 24 hours before tasting.