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Szechuan Chilli Oil: A new sensation

Szechuan Chilli Oil: A new sensation Olives&Oils(O&O)


Recently, a chef friend of O&O left a popular Mumbles restaurant to join the Master Chef winning Dan Lee in a new venture based on his love of Cantonese street food. The success of the venture, Dai Pai Dong (a term originating in Hong Kong that refers to a particular type of open air street vendor), has led to them packaging their popular, and absolutely delicious, Szechuan chilli oil and sending it over to us so we can introduce our customers to this unique condiment. (You can find it here on our site)  As such, we thought it a good idea to give a little info on Szechuan chilli oils and their use. 

MasterChef winning chef Dan Lee

Image: Master Chef Winner 2021 Dan Lee

A Flavor Explosion

Szechuan Chilli Oil isn't just about heat – it's a carefully crafted blend of aromatic spices, roasted Szechuan peppercorns, and fiery red chilies, all suspended in golden sesame oil. The result is a harmonious explosion of flavors that tingles your taste buds with the perfect balance of spice, numbing sensation, and savory richness.

Street Food Alchemy

What makes Szechuan Chilli Oil truly magical is its ability to elevate street food from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Whether generously drizzled over noodles, tossed with dumplings, or coating skewers of grilled meat, this elixir adds a layer of complexity that turns each bite into a culinary adventure. Even a few spoons on top of a rice and an egg turns a boring meal exciting!

Rice and egg with chilli oil

Image: Rice and fried egg with chilli oil



In the world of Szechuan street food, Szechuan Chilli Oil reigns supreme, turning ordinary dishes into extraordinary experiences. Whether you're exploring the vibrant streets of Szechuan or recreating the magic in your kitchen, this fiery elixir is your ticket to a flavor-packed journey. So, join us as we savor the rich, aromatic symphony that is Szechuan Chilli Oil – a culinary delight that promises to ignite your taste buds and leave you craving more.

You can buy Dai Pai Dong Szechuan Chilli Oil here.



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