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Olive Oil

Olive-Oil Olives&Oils(O&O)

Since our first street market selling olives in 2003, Olive oil has been the centre piece and heart of our business. Olives&Oils was born from Alex's fathers olive grove in Catalonia Spain. From the moment we visited the grove for the first time we where hooked on the process and culture of olive oil production. We began selling oil from the Catalonia region of Spain some of the coming from Alex's fathers grove. When we opened the doors of our deli in 2006 we had expanded our olive oil range to include oils from all over Europe and north Africa, with oils from Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Lebanon. 

By now we have stoked a vast range of oils from all over Europe always ensuring the olive oil is made to the highest quality and from the very best groves and producers. Our main Olive oil at O&O is La Redonda, La redonda farms and produces its olive oil close to the city of Zaragoza in the Aragon region of Spain. La Redonda also produces a reserve crop of olives for early harvest, this enhances the flavour and health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil this incredible product Agus is available at our Mumbles deli regularly.  

Even though our business has grown vastly since its humble beginnings in Catalonia Spain over 20 years ago Olive oil remains at the heart of our business Olives&Oils

Below you will find a link to a video of one of our olive oil producers in Valencia Spain.

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Perello-Olives. Olives&Oils(O&O)

Perello Olives.

Organic-Extra-Virgin-Olive-oil-from-Catalonia. Olives&Oils(O&O)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil from Catalonia.

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