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Fresh Italian Black Summer Truffles *Pre-Order Deposit*

Please read before ordering; 

On the week beginning 2nd of August we will be importing a limited quantity of fresh Italian Black Summer Truffles directly from Alba, Italy. 

As they are a fresh product we want to ensure that they get to you as soon as possible after they arrive. We are therefore asking that those interested pay a deposit of £20 per 100 grams (with the remaining paid on collection), we will then be in touch as soon as the truffles are with us so you can collect them from the deli.

The actual price of live truffles fluctuates daily so we are unable to give a set price per gram until the day of dispatch, however it will be within the range of £39 - £45 per 100 grams.

If you have any futher questions please email Carwyn at