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Tartuflanghe Dark Chocolate Pralines with Piedmont Hazelnut IGP 200g

Individually wrapped melt in the mouth Italian Dark Chocolate Praline truffles with 35% Piedmont Hazelnuts (Often considered the best hazelnuts in the world.) High-quality ingredients and a true passion for confectionery make Tartuflanghes truffles a special treat.

Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro (who has worked as a chef in some of the best Italian restaurants) began their journey dealing in Italian truffles in 1968 and then gave birth to Tartuflanghe in 1980. The name of the company comes from combining the Italian word for truffle “Tartufo” with the name of the territory of origin of truffle fungi, the “Langhe”. Stefania and Paolo, Domenic and Beppes children, are now heavily involved in running Tartuflanghe. For a number of years Tartuflanghe has been the proud holder of the title of “Eccellenza Artigiana”, awarded by the Piedmont Region for its thirty years of dedication to Italian gourmet.