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Montespada - Valpolicella DOC - Verona Red Wine - 75cl

The colour is a brilliant ruby-red. It has a youthful bouquet of red cherries, raspberry and plum with some floral notes reminiscent of violets. On the palate it is mediumbodied, dry and full of ripe cherry-jam fruit with notes of anise. The finish shows soft tannins and a juicy, clean acidity..

Production Area:
Grown in selected hillside sites of the Valpolicella area North of the city of Verona. The vines are trained with the traditional Pergola Veronese system.
Grapes are hand-picked.


ontespada Societa Agricola is a Company owned by the Albertini Family. The Company wasestablished in 1992. The Head Offices is situated in the heart of Galluro (Sardinia) whichwas a pre existing Company called “Stazzu” Farms and acquired by the Company in 1992, therebyincorporating their assets in Veneto as well as in Galluro. The property is 160 hectres large.Of this 160 hectres, 50 hectres of land is being used for the cultivation of Vermentino andCarignano Grapes.In the first few years of its activities, the company produced grapes for otherlocal wine cellars, but with the passage of time, and taking a step at a time, the Company

was able to commence with the production of bottled, quality wines