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Terms & Conditions


1. The sales contract between us "Olives&Oils Ltd" and you "The buyer".

A. Orders submitted by you are an offer to purchase items. An acknowledgement
notification email will be sent upon receipt of the offer. Our dispatch of the items will
constitute an acceptance of the offer and therefore a legally binding contract between
us on the condition the delivery address for the order is within the United Kingdom.

B. Alcohol must only be purchased by persons aged 18 years or over. An order placed
is confirming this fact.

C. Nothing in the terms and conditions affects your statutory rights as a consumer.

D. Your contract will be with us: Olives&Oils Ltd, Unit 7, Castleton Arcade, Mumbles,

SA3 4AX. Company registration number: 04689570.


2. Price.

A. Some locations may not be possible to deliver to. You are required to pay extra for

postage and packaging. These costs are detailed on our website: olivesandoils.co.uk.

B. All prices include all appropriate taxes as can be seen on our website:




3. Your right to cancel the contract.

A. If your purchase is of nonperishable items, you may cancel your order up to the end
of the seventh working day after receiving your items. No reason will be asked for your
cancellation, nor will one be required from you. To cancel the contract, you must notify
us in writing at our registered address: Olives&Oils, Online, Unit 7, Castleton Arcade,
Mumbles, SA3 4AX.

B. You will acknowledge that the cancellation of "perishable" goods will not be
accepted by us, as by their nature, they are liable to deteriorate.


C. If you receive your items before before you cancel, then you will be required to pay
for the postage to return the items. This is done so by your own risk.

D. On receipt of a cancelled order, any sum of money debited by us will be recredited
as soon as possible, or 30 days at the very latest. This is on the understanding that the
condition of the items is the same as when they were dispatched. If you do not pay for
the postage on returned items, we will be within our right to deduct this amount from the
recredited amount owed to you. If you do not return the items, we will be within our
right to refuse a recredit.


4. Our right to cancel the contract.

A. Any orders we cancel will be notified via email and any sums of money paid will be
recredited as soon as possible, or by 30 days at the very latest. No further offer of
compensation will be offered by us for any reason.

B. We may cancel the contract of an order if:

a. We have insufficient stock.
b. We do not deliver to your location.
c. Any items you ordered were incorrectly listed due to typographical error or incorrect
pricing information.


5. Delivery information.

A. We will deliver the items you ordered to the address provided at the time you placed
your order.

B. We do not deliver items outside of the United Kingdom.

C. We will deliver your items to you as soon as possible. On receipt of the items, you

will become the owner of the items.


6. Complaints.

 A. If the items delivered by us are not what you ordered, or are damaged, or defective,

you must notify us within 30 days, in writing at our registered address: Olives&Oils Ltd, Online,
Unit 7, Castleton Arcade, Mumbles, SA3 4AX.

B. If you do not receive the items you ordered within 30 days then we will have no
obligation to you unless you notify us within 40 days of placing your order.

C. If we are notified of a complaint or a problem, your options are:

a. To make good any shortage or nondelivery; or
b. Replace or repair any defective or damaged items, unless it would be impossible; or
c. Reduce the amount paid by an appropriate amount; or
d. To refund the purchase price to the amount paid by you for the items in question in
whatever way we choose.

D. We will not be responsible for any indirect or consequential damage or expenses
arising from any problem you notify to us, therefore, we will have no liability to pay any
money to you by way of compensation other than a refund for items purchased.Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit any rights you may have as a consumer.


7. Notices.

All notices, correspondence and complaints must be sent to our registered address:
Olives&Oils Ltd, Online, Unit 7, Castleton Arcade, Mumbles, SA3 4AX.


8. Events beyond our control.

We shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver items beyond our reasonable

9. Copyright.

Everything contained on our website, including all images and text are the property of
Olives&Oils or our suppliers which have been used with their consent.

10. Invalidity.

If any part of these terms and conditions is unenforceable then the enforcability of any
other part of these conditions will not be affected.

11. Privacy.

You acknowledge and agree to be bound by our privacy policy.

12. Governing law.

The contract between us will be governed under English and Welsh law. For any
disputes which may arise, the English and Welsh courts shall have jurisdiction to
resolve these issues.

13. Entire agreement.

Our agreement to supply items to you from us are entirely set out in the following:

A. Our terms and conditions,
B. Our current website prices,
C. Delivery details,
D. Contact details,
E. Our privacy policy.