Happy New Year and a prosperous 2016 and beyond!

Here in South Wales we have been more fortunate than many in the north of England. Whilst we haven't had so much of the widespread flood devastation of Cumbria and parts of Yorkshire, we have been getting our share of rain.....as usual!

Continuous rain, grey clouds and dull days can really affect one's mood and if you are not careful it is easy to fall in to a depressive state. People handle this potentially moody time in different ways, and it's amazing what a glimpse of blue sky can do for the soul. But for many, it isn't just a blue sky that can lift the spirits. For many the one thing above all that can lift a dampening spirit is good food and drink! That involves everything about food; thumbing through cookery books to find the right recipe or working out from the fridge and larder what concoction one can create, to the food preparation, the cooking and of course sitting down with the family or even on one's own with a thick casserole, or a home made soup or something as simple as home-made pizza or pasta bake. Comfort food differs widely. It may just be a bar of chocolate, or a cup of cocoa....we are all different and our sense of comfort differs widely.

One popular food in times of low mood, is cheese. Cooked or just straight from the wrapping. Cheese fondue or oven baked within a dish or a Mont d'Or or a Camembert cooked slowly within its wooden casket, in the oven and devoured as a dip with warm crusty bread....or better still a warmed speciality bread, accompanied by a glass of beer or a wine of your choice.

For pizzas and pastas in particular a dribble of white truffle olive oil, like really finishes the dish off and gives it that unique flavour that your neighbours will envy.

What are your favourite comfort foods for rainy days? Comment below and let us know....

And don't let the rain get you down...turn to some delicious foods...

Happy cooking!