But we aren't as mad as you think!

You'd be forgiven in thinking that here at Olives and Oils, Delicatessen, that we are crackers!

In all honesty? It's almost true! The real facts of the matter are that we are so passionate about food that we try to serve you the best produce money can buy. High up on the popularity chart is of course cheese! Our question to readers therefore relates to cheese, but more so to what is the best accompaniment.......i.e. “What do you prefer to eat with your cheese board?” Crackers, other biscuits, warm crusty bread, or do you prefer your cheese plain - biscuit-less? 

Of course, there is no right nor wrong answer, as it is all a matter of taste and occasion – there are times when I prefer biscuits to accompany my cheese board and times when I prefer the crusty bread approach. In addition, it depends upon the type of cheese, the meal itself, the company, the surroundings and the timing.

If it's crackers you are after then we have a range of really interesting brands and flavours. First up are those of Peter's Yard. Artisan Crispbread, and Sodadough Crispbread. Deliciously crispy and great with hard or soft cheeses.

The for the more refined palate we have an interesting selection from The Fine Cheese Company. Natural crackers for both mild and soft cheeses, the flavoured crackers including Red Hot Chilli, Celery, and one of my favourite's, Fig! Ideally, I'd have a selection of each on the cheese board just so my guests could taste for themselves....why not have a blind tasting?

The Paxton & Whitfield brand of assorted oaties and crackers have also proved equally popular over the last festive holidays. In this range we currently stock, the Orignial Oaties, Walnut Oaties, and Celery & Sea-salt Oaties. Just to round off the shelf we also have the Paxton & Whitfield Poppy and Linseed Crackers delicious with all cheeses.

And don't forget our wonderful range of cheeses in the first place. Maybe the key to this is to choose the cheese first they the crackers to match, or you could just push the boat out and go hell for leather and try each of our flavours! And I haven't mentioned wine once!

Finally, if it is bread you prefer then check out our speciality breads or place an order with us in advance and we'll see what we can do...

Good eating....

P.S. If you want a serving tip for cheese and bread, try drizzling the bread with a little extra virgin olive oil or maybe a flavoured oil - it's not only healthy but truly delicious - check the range of flavoured oils here