A Change in Christmas Tradition?

I'm beginning to think that the old traditional typically British rich fruit cake, covered with a layer of marzipan and then coated generously with a pure white frosty icing, and decorated with a colourful Santa and mini-silver balls that we all associate so much with Christmas may be on the wane. In its place we have noticed an increasing demand for a lighter, taller (frostless) cake of Italian decent.


Panattone originated in Milan, north Italy, and it usually prepared and enjoyed at Christmas and New Year, by people from Italy (naturally), south east France, Spain, South America, alongside Albania, Germany and Switzerland. Now its popularity has spread even further to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Panettone is officially described as a type of sweet bread loaf, but its light consistency is in complete contrast to the traditional Christmas cake usually devoured in the UK.

 What will however come as a big surprise to many who are already familiar with the bread loaf of fruit and peel is that Panettone is available in a wide variety of flavours....including some you'd never have considered!

Of course it will come as no surprise to discover a Chocolate flavoured Panettone but did you know that here at Olives and Oils we currently stock three other flavours in addition to the traditional....those flavours are Chestnut, Fig, and Prosecco Cream!! We can pretty much guarantee that these aren't going to remain on the shelves for long so if you are a serious connoisseur of the traditional Panettone, you are going to love these unusual flavours, and you'd better call in soon!

Apart from keeping them all to yourself, these Panettones make great Christmas gifts and no-one ever seems disappointed to receive such from family and friends. Indeed, one close friend of ours tells us that his 91 year old father is stock piling them for the festive holidays! So much so that he is reluctant to allow the family to make the best bread and butter pudding ever with slices of the bread loaf!

Which brings us on to our first video blog recipe. Have you ever tried Bread & Butter Pudding made with Panettone? We prefer the Panettone and Butter Pudding of Gino D'Acampo....why? Well he is Italian so he should know, but more so, he laces it with Amaretto...what could be better? Anyway, why not give it a go and tell us how you fared...here goes:


Amaretto, Panettone Butter Pudding - Sounds and looks delicious don't you think?

Happy eating!

P. S. DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED: All orders for Christmas foods and produce have to be in by this Monday14th December 2015 so don't hesitate in ordering your Christmas Hampers, cheeses and other produce from Olives and Oils, by that aforementioned date!