Christmas 2015....

Of course we are rather biased as food is 'our thing' but for us here at Olives and Oils, Delicatessen in Mumbles, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without being able to tuck into a mystical Christmas Hamper. It's okay for you because you don't have to make them up, you just need to order, receive and eat, (or give them away as gifts) but we find there is nothing more enjoyable than rifling through a wicker basket exploring the festive goodies and working out which of the luxurious products you'll use throughout the remainder of the festive holiday.

It seems that we aren't alone in our passion for Christmas Hampers. Did you know that in December 2014 alone there were 16 million searches on Google for 'Christmas Hampers'? It's a staggering number don't you think? So what makes Christmas Hampers so very special?

We are told by many of our customers that to them, 'Christmas Hampers offer a mystical excitement, tinted with a delicious luxury'. Hampers that originate from delicatessens in particular generally contain an array of products that one would never find in a supermarket. Most are from local producers or luxurious imports from other countries and would usually be difficult to source. Some would even have products that you once saw on holiday abroad, or remind you of happy days dining next to the Mediterranean. As for the local produce, much never makes the supermarkets and can only be found at street markets or in local small independent delicatessens. Of course, the added bonus is that you can re-use the fabulous wicker basket, for picnics or for storage/display!

At Olives and Oils we have a range of hampers to suit all pockets. Gift boxes start at £21.95 and increase steadily. You will see from the image above that our range includes a mouthwatering Italian hamper, a stylish Spanish hamper, a sinful Cheese hamper through to festive and fully fledged Christmas hampers.

We are taking orders up to and including 14th December 2015 so don't hesitate in ordering your Christmas Hamper from Olives and Oils, this year! ORDER NOW!